Star – stär, n. any of the heavenly bodies, esp. of those visible by night whose places in the firmament are relatively fixed (fixed stars), but sometimes including planets, comets, and meteors, less commonly the sun and moon, or even the earth: a planet as a supposed influence, hence (usu. in pl) one’s luck. Key – kē, formerly kā, n. an instrument for locking or unlocking, winding up, turning, tuning, tightening or loosening. Tect – from Late Latin, tectonicus, from Greek. tektonikos "pertaining to building," from tekton (gen. tektonos) "builder, carpenter," from Proto-Indo-European, base *tek- "to make".

It is heart I am trying to awaken in an aesthetic response to the world.

James Hillman, City & Soul (Putnam, Conn., Spring Publications, 2006), p. 175.